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Chicago Bei Dou Kung Fu is a Chinese Martial Arts school with 2 locations in Chicago, IL. The school's name, 'Bei Dou', stands for the North Star and reflects our hope to be a guide for students on their journey to learn and understand Chinese Martial Arts.

Our mission is to promote self-confidence, self-discipline, friendship, and fitness through Chinese Martial Arts. Our instructors are from the best martial arts universities in China and have trained, competed, and coached at the international level.

Our central philosophy revolves around 3 words: 关爱(Guan Ai; Care), 健康(Jian Kang; Health), and 快乐(Kuai Le; Happiness). We strive to help our students live healthy, fruitful, and compassionate lives, as well as to become productive and valued members of the community.

We offer group and private lessons in Traditional Kung Fu, Contemporary Wushu, Sanshou Self-Defense, and Tai Chi. Private lessons are also available in Ba Gua, Shin Yi, and Qi Gong.


Collage of students practicing Kung Fu

Kung Fu - Wushu

Our Kung Fu group classes combine traditional Shaolin and contemporary, competitive Wushu. New students begin training by learning basic punches, kicks, stances, and traditional fist forms. Contemporary Wushu, weapon training, tumbling, and complex forms are introduced as students progress.

Classes are available to all skill levels, ages 4 years old and up. No experience is required and beginners are welcome. Private lessons are available by appointment.

 children |  adult

group | private | family | children 4-7 | children 8-14 | adult 15+

Collage of students practicing Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Relax your body and mind while increasing strength and flexibility with a low impact workout. Regular practice in Tai Chi can help with reducing stress and in dealing with chronic pain. Find balance, improve breathing, and cultivate your energy (Qi).

We offer group classes in Tai Chi at both our Chicago locations. Private classes are also available by appointment in Tai Chi, Ba Gua, and Shin Yi.

group | private | adult 15+

Collage of students practicing Sanshou Self-Defense

Sanshou Self-Defense

Sanshou, or Sanda, is the Chinese style of kickboxing used for self-defense. It is based on traditional Kung Fu and modern self-defense techniques. Our classes focus on conditioning to improve speed and reflexes. Learn punches, kicks, takedowns, self-defense techniques, and how to better judge distance from your opponent.

We offer group classes for students ages 16 and older, twice a week, at either of our Chicago locations. Private lessons in Sanshou Self-Defense are also available by appointment.

group | private | adult 16+

Collage of students at our Kung Fu Summer Camp

Kung Fu Summer Camp

Children's Kung Fu Summer Camp is held each summer at our 1511 W. Fullerton Ave. location. Each session runs Monday - Friday, from 9am - 12pm. There are typically 4 sessions total with 2 towards the end of June and 2 between late July and early August. Dates and prices are announced each spring. New and current students welcome!

2016 Summer Camp Dates
  • Session 1:  Jun. 20th - Jun. 24th
  • Session 2:  Jun. 27th - Jul. 1st
  • Session 3:  Jul. 25th - Jul 29th
  • Session 4:  Aug. 1st - Aug 5th
*Dates subject to change without notice, 5 student minimum needed per session.

Contact us for pricing and registration.

Group Classes: We offer group classes for children ages 4 and up, families, and adults. Our classes promote self-confidence, self-discipline, friendship, and fitness through Chinese Martial Arts. Opportunities for students to participate in performances, events, and competitions may be available throughout the year. All skill levels welcome!

Private Lessons: One-on-one, or semi-private lessons are available in Kung Fu, Wushu, Sanshou, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Shin Yi, and Qi Gong. Please call the school at (773) 327-4710 to speak to an instructor directly about availability and scheduling.


Master JingChao Wu

Master JingChao Wu is recognized by the International Wudao Association as an official Modern Wushu 7th Degree Black Belt, an International First Degree Wushu Judge, an International First Degree Wushu Coach, and received the title of World-Famous Martial Artist in 2011. He has competed at the state, national, and international level winning numerous awards including 1st place in Straight Sword at the All-China Wushu Forms Championship in 2004, and 1st place in Long Fist and Spear in 2008. In 2007 Master Wu created a unique Nine Section Whip Wushu form that significantly contributed to the development of the weapon’s practice.

In 2005 Master Wu received his BA from the acclaimed Beijing University of Physical Education. After graduation, Master Wu coached at the Shandong Province Tengzhou Olympic Athletics Academy and the Beijing Shaolin Wushu Academy. He came to America in 2009 where he began teaching Chinese martial arts in Chicago, Illinois.

Master Wu was born in Zuji, Shandong China in 1982. He began studying Chinese martial arts at the Shandong Province Tengzhou Olympic Athletic Academy at the age of 7 and continued his studies in Shandong at the Zaozhuang Athletic Academy. He later went on to train with the Heilongjiang Province Daqing Athletic Academy and the Shandong Province Professional Wushu Team. In 2001 Master Wu broadened his training by traveling to the Henan Shaolin Temple Wushu Academy. There he studied traditional Shaolin forms and received the title of “Outstanding Athlete” multiple times.

Portrait of Master JingChao Wu With Double Broad Swords

His achievements through Chinese martial arts have led to performances in America, Canada, Germany, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. He has also had the privilege of participating in major cultural performances such as the CCTV’s New Year’s Gala (China’s premier television event of the year), the CCTV’s Successful Olympic Application Celebration, and the King’s 80th Birthday Celebration Event in Thailand. He also led, directed, and performed in the American live action production of the Monkey King Kung Fu Spectacular.

Master Wu is a dedicated teacher focused on recognizing and developing each student’s individual potential. He strives not only to improve student’s skills and understanding of Chinese martial arts, but also to develop the spirit. Master Wu is passionate about spreading knowledge and appreciation of Chinese martial arts around the world.

Illustration of a Kung Fu spear

Shifu GuiLi Wang

Shifu GuiLi Wang was born in Shandong China in 1990. He began studying Chinese martial arts at the Shandong Olympic Wushu Academy at the age of 10. In 2004, Shifu Wang traveled to Beijing where he attended the Shaolin Wushu Academy for the next 3 years. Upon completion of his term at the Shaolin Academy, Shifu Wang was accepted to the acclaimed Beijing Sport University where he would receive his Bachelors of Arts in Folk Traditional Athletics – Wushu.

In addition to competing at the professional level, Shifu Wang has showcased his martial arts skills in a variety of major performances across the world. He has performed in the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Columbia, and throughout China. In 2010, Shifu Wang appeared in the film, The Karate Kid, a remake of the 1984 classic starring Jackie Chan. He has also made television appearances on China's CCTV Joyful China Travels, as well as Walking Forward With Love - Senior Citizen Chinese New Years Gala.

Portrait of Shifu Wang with a Broad Sword
Photo of Shifu Wang with a Spear

In the spring of 2012 Shifu Wang was invited to travel from China to join Chicago Bei Dou Kung Fu as an instructor at the Bridgeport - Chinatown location. His passion for teaching can be seen in his enthusiasm and attention to detail. Shifu Wang works diligently to help students perfect their current skills and reach new heights within Chinese martial arts.


Photo of Chicago Bei Dou Kung Fu Fullerton Ave. store front

Fullerton - Lincoln Park

1511 W. Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 327-4710
Photo of Chicago Bei Dou Kung Fu Bridgeport - Chinatown. store front

Bridgeport - Chinatown

539 W. 31st Street
Chicago, IL 60616
(773) 327-4710



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Chicago Bei Dou Kung Fu

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  •  (773) 327-4710
  •  Bridgeport - Chinatown
  • 539 W. 31st. Street
  • Chicago, IL 60616
  •  (773) 327-4710
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